Why Eccentric Orbit?

what am I even doing here

For the last few months, one of the only reasons I’ve used Facebook is to post playlists I’ve made. That’s fine as far as it goes, but it doesn’t lend itself to highlighting particular songs, or talking much about what the thing sounds like. Nobody wants to read a full paragraph on a Facebook post, much less two or three. Besides that, I’d personally be happier if the role of Facebook in my life finally receded to just keeping track of event invitations, and my playlist posting is the main remaining obstacle to that.

I still love to talk about music though, and I wanted a way to share what I like with people who actually might care. With a newsletter I can keep sharing my playlists, but also have the room to do more than just post a link. I’ll also discuss concerts I’ve been to, albums I’ve enjoyed, and whatever other music-related thoughts have been on my mind. I’ve already written down ~15 different post ideas, so this should go for at least a few months before petering out.

I’ll try to keep it short. You don’t want a longread on the latest songs I think you should totally check out, man, and I get that. I’ve only got so much time too. So thanks for taking a look, and I hope you sign up and stick around! The next post will be one of my playlists, and we’ll see where this goes from there.